Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Leduc Composite High School

Social Studies

Social Studies Description


WELCOME to the Social Studies Department! As a department, we believe in collaboration, cooperation and teamwork. This helps our students progress from one course to another as the expectations from one teacher to another are the same.


The grade 10 curriculum centers on Globalization, which allows students to investigate how the world is connected and how as a society, we have become dependent on one another.


The grade 11 curriculum discusses the concepts of Nationalism; including the development of nationalism through the French Revolution, the World Wars, international relations and Canadian nationalism.


Lastly, the grade 12 curriculum centers on ideologies or ways of thinking. Throughout this course, students will explore the multiple perspectives on classical and modern liberalism as well as political and economic systems associated with these ideologies.


In all courses, students are encouraged to participate in the world around them and to become active citizens.


Please view the school’s course selection handbook online for more information about the Social Studies program and the different streams of education students can take.


The teachers in the Social Studies Department are bold and innovative!  We actively aspire to

engage students in the student use of Chromebooks, accessing teacher lessons through Google Classroom and Wikis, and enriching student learning through engaging field trips, and interesting guest speakers.


The 2016-17 department is comprised of the following teachers:

Chris Stiles

Delton Kruk

Larry Sherwood

Alexis Villetard

Dan Stephen

Britain Olischefski

John Marchione

Paul Wright

Sarah Wilkes

Cherie Coffee

Les Lytviak