Black Gold School Division
Leduc Composite High School

A message from LCHS – Moving forward with Remote Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians of LCHS students:

The staff of LCHS wants you to know that we miss our students and have been working very hard to prepare educational programming.

Picking up belongings

On Monday, March 23, students will be able to pick up their belongings from the school. Please refer to the specific instructions on how this will be accomplished.  Please remember that social distancing guidelines should be followed during the pickup process.

Remote Learning

This next week will be important in establishing how our new mode of learning will proceed.  Please consider the following as we move forward:


All teachers will establish channels of communication with students and you can expect a blend of mass communications and personal contact. We will be using a variety of communication channels: email, text, video conferencing, virtual office hours and phone calls.  Students and parents will need to regularly check their email to ensure that they are receiving regular information and assignments. Students, please check your Black Gold Gshare email address; this is where teachers will be emailing you. If you prefer to use a different email account, please go into your BGSD email account and set up mail forwarding; instructions can be found here:

Working on your courses:
The Minister of Education has instructed teachers to provide work, assess student progress and assign grades, so students will be expected to do the work that is assigned to them. Students can anticipate about 40 minutes of work per day per course. This will vary somewhat based on the course content and each individual student’s working pace. Stay on top of your assignments and establish positive habits early:

  • Set a regular schedule and include breaks. 
  • Establish a regular place for learning in your home. 
  • Eliminate as many distractions as possible. 
  • Seek help when you need it; your teachers will respond as soon as possible. They want to help you.

How you submit assignments will vary from class to class. Your teachers will clarify this for you. 

Students, if you have questions about your general program, please contact your grade administrator via email.


Some of our students may have difficulty with technology access. Students who do not have adequate technology in the home may be able to borrow a Chromebook from the school. Please only request this if you have genuine need as the number of available Chromebooks is limited. Please send any requests to Mr. Holbrow ( Please note that this does not guarantee you access to a Chromebook, but that you will be put on the distribution list.

Stay Healthy

Please do your best to adhere to the guidelines established by the Chief Medical officer.

We know that physical activity is important for all ages, so try to make this part of your daily routine. Using home exercise equipment is a good choice, but for those who do not have such equipment, there are many resources on the Internet that can provide some guidance. Here are a couple:

Thank you very much,

Brad Clarke
Principal, LCHS