Leduc Composite High School


Inclusive Education

Inclusive education creates learning opportunities for all students.  At LCHS, as well as students working towards a diploma accreditation, we have many students who work towards completing high school through their own unique learning program.

Our inclusive education team works with students on a vast spectrum: from those with significant educational challenges to those on the cusp of entering the diploma stream.  Students continue learning in the areas of numeracy, studying science and mathematics based concepts and in the areas of literacy, working on reading and writing and covering social concepts.  Through both literacy and numeracy, life skills is a major focus.  Students are placed in classes based upon their individual skill set in numeracy and literacy.  A student in group 2 literacy may concurrently be placed in group 3 numeracy, based upon their ability.

Students are also welcomed into a variety of complementary courses.  Some students take courses designed with them in mind, while other students receive modified and uncredited opportunities in our option courses, like mechanics, drama, foods, music, construction as well as other courses.  Those students who are ready may also be placed in work experience settings in the school or throughout Leduc.

Students entering this program are assessed by the Black Gold Regional Division, and upon     acceptance, will fulfill the three-year requirement that leads to completion of their program.  In      many cases our inclusive education students and their families decide that a fourth year would be beneficial.  Some students choose to participate in graduation after the 3 years of high school while some students and parents choose to participate in graduation when they are ready to exit LCHS. Contact Kerry Thiessen, Learning Support Teacher, Leduc Composite High School, at (780) 986-2248 x. 316  to arrange for program evaluation and registration.