Black Gold School Division
Leduc Composite High School

New Registration Information

FORMS – Found still under the Parent tab on the website & at the bottom of the Registration page

Find Your School

Every child enrolling in Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 has a designated school. You can find your designated school by using our Find a School page.

New Student Registration will be Processed Online

All new families will be asked to register their child online via InfoSnap/PowerSchool Registration. 
A paper copy of the registration form will not be available.

What is InfoSnap/PowerSchool?

InfoSnap/PowerSchool is our new online enrolment system. InfoSnap will replace our annual paper registration packets, saving valuable time. The new system is a secure process that will allow the Division to verify all student information for every child prior to the start of the new school year.

Don’t Own a Computer?

  • All schools will have a kiosk/chromebook available for parents that do not have access to a computer or the internet.
  • The InfoSnap/PowerSchool program is also mobile friendly, meaning that you can use your smartphone to register!

Don’t Own a Scanner?

Bring your supporting documents into the school in order to ensure your registration is complete. Alternatively, there are free Apps that will allow you to scan your documents on the go from your mobile phone or tablet and export them as JPEG or multipage PDF files. Check a few of these out:

New Registrations

If you are new to the BGRS area and will be attending a BGRD school, please note the following procedures.

Families that are registering a NEW JUNIOR or SENIOR HIGH STUDENT should contact their school to:

  1. Inquire if they need to set up a registration appointment prior to completing the online registration form
  2. Inquire what documentation they should bring to the appointment (i.e. most recent report card, high school transcript, a progress report of each course if registering more than one month into school).
  3. Register online via InfoSnap

Required Documentation Checklist

  • Birth Certificate
  • Verification of residency: document showing parent name and local address.

Legal documentation is required for the following:

  • Parental Custody Agreement if restrictions on access
  • Guardianship letter if parents live in Alberta – contact school for more information

Legal Guardianship must be applied for through the Alberta Government if parents live outside Alberta – contact school for more information.

Returning Students or Change of Black Gold Regional School

Students who attended a Black Gold Regional School in 2016-2017 and are returning to a 
Black Gold Regional School should not complete a new student registration form. 
Instead, families will be prompted by their school to complete a returning student questionnaire.

Applying to a School That is Not Your Designated Location?

Should a family wish to enrol their child in a school other than the designated school, the enrolment request will be considered a request to attend a school of choice. Acceptance to a school of choice will be based upon existing BGRD policy and procedures including availability or non-availability of space and resources.