Black Gold School Division
Leduc Composite High School

Tigers’ Den Advisory Group

Tigers’ Den Homeroom Groups.

For the last 2 years, LCHS students have participated in our Homeroom program. This activity ran once per week during block 1 and has been very successful, increasing student engagement with our fine staff and the school as a whole.

This year, the program is changing to a scheduled advisory group. Every Tuesday between block 1 and 2, students in grades 10-12 will attend their Tigers’ Den (Designated Education Network). In this 25 minute block, students will do the same sorts of activities that they did in Homeroom. The difference is that this time is now scheduled into timetable and students will have the same teacher leader/adviser over their whole high school experience.  Tuesdays will have an altered bell schedule to accommodate this new program.

The staff of LCHS are very excited to offer this new program.

See the Tigers’ Den Tuesday bell schedule here.