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Library Learning Commons

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Leduc Composite High School Library Learning Commons Procedures and Protocols

Today’s learners cannot imagine life without the internet and supporting technology. The concept of the traditional library is changing to meet the needs of its users and libraries are transforming into Learning Commons.

The Library/Learning Commons:

1)   Supports the development of a student’s skill in gathering, analyzing, and evaluating information.

2)   Houses technology to allow students to create, collaborate, and communicate.

3)   Is a flexible space to meet the needs of learners and teachers, often including multiple teaching and learning environments.

4)   Is a place for collaboration, inquiry and imagination.

Students must have access to an effective school library/learning commons program as an integral part of the instructional program. The purpose of the school library/learning commons program is to provide learning services, books and resources that enable students to become critical thinkers and effective users of information in all formats and media, with links to the wider library and information network. The program should also help develop student’s appreciation for literature, and expand their cultural awareness and sensitivity.

1.   Use of LLC space:

The LCHS Library/Learning Commons is unique in that it shares a physical space with the LCHS Counsellors, the Empowerment Classroom and the Learning Resource Center. As a resource center, the library/learning commons should be a place where students can pursue their individual educational interests.

2.   LLC hours of operation:

The Learning Commons/Learning Resource Center is open during school hours and after school under the supervision of the Leduc Composite High School Learning Resource Center team.

3.   Procedures for accessing the LLC for individual, small group, or class projects:

The LLC area is booked through a calendar available to all staff. Individual students are welcome at any time during operational hours.

4.   Borrowing policies (loan periods, number of items, overdue procedures):

Students are able to borrow four resources at one time, not including e-resources, and have a two week loan period; fines are not charged for overdue items. Items not returned during the current semester will be considered lost and fees payable via the Student PowerSchool account by that semester end.

5.   Textbook Procedures

  • Textbooks are signed out through the Destiny Library Database, policies are set in place by the Library Administrator.
  • Textbooks are loaned out by semester and are due back no later than the last day of the semester. Textbooks need to be returned on time, so as they can be repaired, shelved,  and are ready for the next semester classes.
  • If a textbook is not returned by the end of a semester, the textbook will be considered lost and the replacement fee for the book will be put onto the student’s fee account.
  • If textbooks are damaged, a fee will be assessed based on damage to the book;
    • If the book is wet/moldy it will be removed from circulation and a replacement fee will be charged to the student.
    • If the book binding is damaged the student will be charged the cost to rebind the book
    • If the damages are repairable the student will be charged the cost of materials.

 The Leduc Composite High School Library/Learning Commons follows the policies and procedures set out by Black Gold School Division, which are available in electronic format on the Black Gold School Division website.