Leduc Composite High School



Mission Statement


Inspiring success for every student, every day.


 Motiver chaque élève à réussir, tous les jours.

We Believe:

  • Every student can learn;
  • Each student’s needs should be the focus of teaching and learning;
  • Maintain a wide variety of extra-curricular, intramural, and co-curricular programs;
  • Promote and uphold acceptable standards of conduct that reflect the expectations of the Alberta School Act, Alberta Education, Black Gold Regional Schools policies, LCHS policies, and the greater school community to ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning;
  • Ensure responsibility for individual achievement is shared by the student, the home, and the school;
  • A student’s ability to learn is impacted by their level of self esteem; therefore, students must be empowered to value their own strengths and abilities and strive to develop these to their highest potential;
  • Public education values the whole child; enabling the academic learning, the physical and the mental/social health of students;
  • Every student deserves positive adults in the school community advocating on their behalf;
  • Every student deserves a safe and secure learning environment and is responsible for their actions and decisions;
  • Every person involved in a school setting has a responsibility to be tolerant of others and treat others with respect and dignity;
  • Public education in the 21st Century has evolved from the dissemination of information to the facilitation of higher order, inquisitive, relevant, and engaging learning;
  • School should foster a desire to learn and an understanding that learning is a lifelong process;
  • It is essential to use resources wisely and efficiently to provide the highest quality education possible
  • A public school should be accountable and responsive to the greater community.