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Student Services

Welcome to LCHS Student Services

At LCHS our Student Services department is committed to assisting students both academically and personally to ensure each student’s high school experience is positive. Students can drop in or make an appointment to see a Counsellor in the Learning Centre from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm daily. Parents are encouraged to contact the counsellors to discuss any concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: Counsellors see students based on their grade as shown below:


 2022/23 Year


Grade 10 Counselor – Mrs. Lidkea

Grade 11 Counselor – Mrs. Drover

Grade 12 Counselor – Ms. Reny

Learning Support Teacher – Mrs. K. Thiessen


Map of the school – lchs school map 2021

Work Experience (Off Campus Education)

Off-Campus Education includes Work Study, Work Experience, and Registered Apprenticeship programs. All are designed to give students the opportunity to learn about the world of work while attending school.

Work Experience

Work Experience is available for high school students only. This is a separate course that allows them to work off-campus to obtain credit towards their school program (Work Experience 15, 25, 35).

Registered Apprenticeship Program

Students in high school can be in the Registered Apprenticeship Program while attending school full-time. Students must be 16 years old and meet all apprenticeship entry qualifications, including finding a journeyman to sponsor them. The school works closely with Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development to monitor this program. The Registered Apprenticeship Program (R.A.P.) is a program where you, as a registered high school student, can become an apprentice and earn credits toward your apprenticeship and your high school diploma – at the same time!

Off-Campus Education provides:

  • The opportunity to explore occupational choices.
  • The chance to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in any job.
  • Valuable employer references.
  • An honest evaluation from the supervising teacher-coordinator and the employer.

For more information on our Off-Campus programs, please call Mr. Dan Blackburn, by email at dan.blackburn@gshare.blackgold.ca or phone at 780-986-2248 x. 146

Workplace Safety Practices represent current business and industry safety practices and will fulfill the prerequisite requirements.

Workplace Safety Systems is identified as the prerequisite course for all off-campus learning experiences.

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