Black Gold School Division
Leduc Composite High School

LCHS Re-Entry Plan/BGDS Re-Entry Plan


Student timetables for in-school students are now available.  Students who are taking their classes through Distance Education can expect communication from the DE team as soon as possible.

Parents and students will be able to access timetables via the Power School Portal:

Parents who do not have a Power School account can click “Create Account” to gain access to the system.  You will then need to contact the school to have your students linked to your account.

Students access their accounts on the same portal with their BGSD login; the same one they use to log into computers.

If anyone has problems with their login, please call the school.

Course Changes

We anticipate that some students may wish to change some aspect of their timetable. Please note that many sections of classes are at capacity and as a result we may not be able to accommodate every course change request.

Students requesting a course change can fill out the course change form. Students will need to log into the Chrome browser using their school account in order to complete the form.  Here is how you sign into Chrome:

Course Change Form:

After you submit your form, an administrator or counselor will contact you.

Students with blank timetables

If you have no classes, please contact your grade level administrator or counsellor.

Admin and Counselor Assignments

Contact information for administrators and counselors:

                             Administrator                  Counsellor                       

Grade 12            Mrs. Hamilton                 Mrs. Drover

Grade 11            Mr. Dechaine                  Mrs. Lidkea

Grade 10            Mr.  May                         Ms. Suderman

Returning           Mr. Clarke
Grade 12 

The LCHS re-entry plan can be found here:

The BGSD re-entry plan can be found here: